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Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions
Identification of efficiency leaks across industries; whether its something as small as a ten minute delay in daily staff processes to large scale revenue delays, they all have the potential to cause inefficiency and financial stress to the business.
Our software solutions provide you with scaled and customisable software best suited for your company and your unique requirements. We offer a wide spectrum of Web, Mobile, Tablet and Computer software products to improve internal workflow processes and resource productivity, and enhance your service offering.
Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions
Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions
We assist in identifying your company's inefficiencies and the cost to your business. There is always room for a more efficient and financially stable work place and production environment, and no better time than the present to take action.


Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions


For staff; tailored products to suite your needs to ensure complete workplace satisfaction and productivity.
For employer; dedicated tooling to ensure your day-to-day operations run at maximum efficiency.
Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions


For staff; an environment without financial waste through deficient resource management,providing enhanced employment security.
For employer; maximisation of income by targeting inefficiencies in the workplace, and streamlining the everyday productivity of resources.
Coefficient Industries (Pty)Ltd - Software Solutions


For staff; specific measurable career targets and goals; real-time monitoring enhances professional improvement.
For employer; professional management and monitoring of productivity ensures best practice and best financial results.


electronic automotive job cards
real time service center's data synchronization for more efficient electronic job card management
JobCard - efficient electronic job cards
ComuBoard - personal and professional project management
agile project planning
the communication community for more efficient personal and professional project management
mobile callout management
real time fleet location tracking with primary data collected on scene, creating automated and accurate billable totals.
ServiceCallout - mobile real time fleet location tracking

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